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Featuring photographs taken over a span of 50 years from locations all over the US, Europe, and Cuba, this exhibit showcases Clyde's unparalleled talent and features a stunning collection of his best work from his illustrious career.

As one of the most renowned photographers of our time, Clyde Butcher has dedicated his life to capturing the natural beauty of the world around us. From the sweeping vistas of the American West to the lush forests of Cuba, Butcher's photographs are an invitation to contemplate the beauty and fragility of the natural world. His use of black and white photography imbues each image with a sense of timelessness and depth, creating an emotional resonance with the viewer. 

Butcher is not only renowned for his stunning and emotional photographs of the natural world, but also celebrated for his dedication to protect natural lands. His conservation efforts in the National Park System and particularly the Florida Everglades have earned him the highest award that can be given to a civilian in the state of Florida, as well as honors from organizations such as Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy.

This exhibit showcases Butcher's skill in capturing the raw beauty of the world's most precious natural landscapes, while also highlighting his passion for preserving these spaces for generations to come.


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Contents and Size Requirements

Clyde Butcher: LifeWorks in Photography consists of 52 framed and matted black and white images ranging in size from 4' x 8' to 13" x 18". It is supplemented with interpretive labels.


Size: This exhibit requires approximately 250-400 linear feet.

Security and Price
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The Exhibition requires minimum security which includes being placed in a limited access gallery space. The exhibition area must be locked and secured during closing hours. Alarms and/or guards during closed hours are preferred but not required.


Environmental requirements include no direct sunlight and functioning fire-protection systems in the exhibition, staging, and storage spaces. Constant temperature and relative humidity conditions should be maintained in accordance with professional museum standards.


Price and Availability:

This exhibition is managed through Landau Traveling Exhibitions. Click the link below for pricing and booking availability. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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