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clyde butcher ghost orchid florida

The beauty of the natural landscape reveals itself in small details in this special collection of Clyde's work. From trees and bushes to plants and fungus, these photographs from varied ecosystems tell the story of our diverse nation.

Contents and Size Requirements

Contents under creation. Size and contents to be announced.


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clyde butcher shell key florida
Clyde butcher cuba floral
Security and Price

The Exhibition requires minimum security which includes being placed in a limited access gallery space. The exhibition area must be locked and secured during closing hours. Alarms and/or guards during closed hours are preferred but not required.


Environmental requirements include no direct sunlight and functioning fire-protection systems in the exhibition, staging, and storage spaces. Constant temperature and relative humidity conditions should be maintained in accordance with professional museum standards.


Price: To Be Announced, for a 12-week booking.

Download a complete exhibition description here.

This .pdf document will include a complete description of security and environmental requirements, a detailed exhibition contents list including titles and sizes, sample didactic panels and labels, and an advertising brochure. 

Available Dates and Current Bookings

Exhibit begins touring Fall 2016.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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